Hi I’m Brooke

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

Hello beautiful Goddesses, It’s good to be back. My website is back in action after a brief respite. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Ever since I was a child I recognized that I was seen as inferior to my male relatives. The man was the head of the house hold, patriarchs ran the religion I was raised in. Not that they knew any better but, they certainly thought they did. I felt an injustice from men and authority figures. My voice had been stripped. When set in a confrontation with adults I usually would just cry through my defense, knowing I wouldn’t be heard let alone taken seriously. Well this was a starting place. Once I left my father’s house hold my journey to reclaim my femininity began. Through sex, clothes, and time with my mother I began to taste the delights of being a woman. My dress-ups always took the turn of a sexy Goddess. Always!!! My mother taught me about healing and nurturing. Being a massage therapist and energy healer, she inspired me to go to school for massage therapy. I’ve always had a thirst for learning. Massage therapy gave me the meaty flesh of the healing world. It was the first of many steps I have taken to understanding the universe and my part in it. After massage therapy there was yoga therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, sound therapy, breath work… the list goes on and on. So here I am to share with Goddesses. My intent is to help awaken the personal power, sense of fabulousness, and unlimited creativity that lives in those I help. I will use every tool in my kit to do this. Because, ladies you deserve the best.

Why Ladies? Why Goddesses? Because, as I help you I continue to help myself. Healing is a life long journey. Plus, I just really enjoy working with women. I love helping them get over that old damaged relationship so they can move onto that new delicious adventure standing in front of them. I love seeing my Goddesses let go of their fears about that new job and say yes to their desires. I love watching Goddesses go for their desires and win. It’s funny how a little help can go such a long way. I’m pleased to be part of Goddesses rising what other honor could be so great.

So here I am ladies at your service. It’s time to thrive! Love Brooke.